Thursday, December 16, 2021

X-mas 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Posting this earlier than usual.

This is the sketch example of the pose that I want to draw.. (using a tablet that is not pen supported to draw on..)
Here is the drawing outcome.. yup.. looks horrible.. haha. In the end, I have to use 3d poses to correct the poses and other.. I just want to show everyone what the sketch looks like even if its awful.


Hello everyone.. It been such a long time since I post anything on this blog.. Wow, I've been away from this blog for 3 years.. ( saw the last post that I uploaded..)

I'm not gone.. It's just I guess my mental health went downward for sometime because of some other issues for these past few years. It affect me to the point that I no longer even felt happy when drawing or to upload anymore.. Thus, I stopped posting drawing on this blog and Deviantart.

Even before this mental health situation, I've already lost my passion for drawing after my lower back surgery 10 years ago, I've been trying to reignite my passion for drawing. Still it's hard.. (-_-;)

Nevertheless , I'm in a better state of mind now.. (I guess..) Now, have to sort out and edit the sketches and drawings I did these past 3 years and slowly post online.. Yeah, I still draw these 3 years, although not many.. however I don't feel like posting at that time.. 

Will try to gradually upload those sketches / drawing, perhaps after CNY..? Hmmmm....

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas 2018

Have a merry early christmas to everyone~! Have a wonderful holiday. Wishing good health, happiness and joy to everyone~!

Hope everyone like it.

Friday, December 21, 2018


Please pardon my awful title.

Completed in mid to late November.

Playing with watercolor on normal drawing paper. The indigo color of her dress looks more like black to me.. but still it turns out nice. I guess I applied too much iridescent medium on the drawing. (I can't help it. ) XP Too bad the shimmery effects is not showing.

Medium: Watercolor, poster color, soft pastel, iridescent medium ,and pencil.
Paper: Drawing paper.

Here is another angle of the drawing that show the shimmery effects.

Sketch and draw 9

Ninomiya Kazunari, Aiba Masaki and Ohno Satoshi reference from music variety show screenshots.

OC Redraw

Completed in mid August.

Another redraw pic.

I decided change her pose and instead of a face portrait I draw a full body version. XD
I tried scanning this piece but the orange background was not show at all, so have to snap it with handphone (cellphone) then ps edit.
Hope u all like it.

Medium: Poster colors, watercolor, color pencils and pencil.
Paper: Fabriano watercolor paper 140Ibs coldpress.

I'm not really sure if I have post this on my blog before or not.. Oh well.. Below is my old drawing, drawn in 1997. Back then I was so upset after getting back my drawing from the shop.. they ruin my drawing after the lamination. There's a huge crease around her eyes and worst it's not properly sealed… mold got in thus creating many brown patches around her legs and arms..

Yup my old drawing..


Completed in early to mid July.

I was not satisfied with the previous drawing of ( Meredith ) color, so came up with another drawing. This time I don't wanna add purple in it. haha.
I think ps editing, trying to get the exact color of the original colors to showup is the hardest of all because the original color is much softer.

Medium: Poster colors, watercolor, color pencils and soft pastel.
Paper: Drawing paper.

Here's the silver effect using sliver poster color. I love it.


Pretty much lack of good idea for title. (sux at naming titles..)

Completed in early July.

Although the outcome of the drawing is not as pretty as I expect.. nevertheless I try my best.
Having fun mixing silver and purple poster color together give the background some shiny metallic effect but too bad effects is not shown here.

Medium: Poster colors, watercolor, color pencils and micron pen.
Paper: Fabriano watercolor paper 140Ibs coldpress.

Here is the shiny metallic effect of the background.

My Love My Valentine

Hahaha.. can't believe I choose such a cheesy title..

Completed in early July.

Yuffentine fanart~!
Hope u guys like it, enjoy.

Medium: Poster colors, watercolor, soft pastels, color pencils and micron pen.
Paper: A4 Sketchbook.

Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi belong to Square Enix. Fanart by me.


Can't think of a suitable title for this..

Playing/testing with florescent pink poster color then mix with silver for the flower petals to have some shiny metallic effect. But then, when I finish the coloring, I realize it's too overpower with florescent pink. End up having to tone it down. XD

Medium: Poster colors, color pencils and micron pen.
Paper: drawing paper.

Errr... I guess the shiny metallic effect is not showing very well huh.. (-_-;)

30052018 oc redraw

Completed in late May.

Posting another long overdue drawings.. ^-^;
Art block.. so try redrawing old drawing for fun. After 2 decades.. Here is the old pic of it.

I tried to edit the drawing's color as close to the original, but still not close to 100%. I tried my best already. XD So here it is.

Medium: Poster colors, watercolor, color pencils, soft pastels and micron pen.
Paper: A4 Drawing paper..

Lantis Magic Knight Rayearth

Yeah~! Famart drawing.

Completed on 12-5-2018. ( didn't notice watermark covered the date..)

Lantis belongs to Clamp. Fanart drawing by: Me.

Vincent Valetine I

A traditional fanart. It was just a sketch for fun at first but end up coloring it. haha
Have a hard time editing the colors.

Hope u guys will like it.

Medium: Poster colors and pencil.
Paper: Drawing paper.

Vincent Valentine belong to Square Enix. Fanart by me.

Random female drawing

Sorry for the long overdue post. Because of art block.. it awful.. Also, I have a bad habit of piling up some sketches and post at once.. heheheh...

Drawing from last year..

Reference image from pinterest.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Usagi Tsukino

It's been a long time since I draw a Sailor moon fanart. Here is Usagi Tsukino. Usually, I draw Sailor saturn more.
I know the anatomy is not correct, I tried to redraw several times after completing the whole cg, but still it just looks weird.. in the end I just leave it like this..
Hope you all like it. ^-^

Usagi Tsukino belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. Fanart by: me.

Vincent Valentinei in kimono

Cg version of Vincent Valentine cel shading.

I guess Vinny does not like to wear kimono huh.. lol.

Pose and outfit reference from Ohno Satoshi solo performance sceenshot.

Vincent Valentine belongs to Square Enix. Fanart by: me.

Vincent Valentine cel shading

This time I tried it on Vinny~!
Pose and outfit reference from Ohno Satoshi solo performance sceenshot.

Vincent Valentine belongs to Square Enix. Fanart by: me.

yuffie kisaragi cel shading

Did this for fun.

Yuffie Kisaragi belongs to Square Enix. Fanart by: me.

Yuffie's treasure

Read from right to left.

Ok~! This is the first time I'm posting a short manga strip. Pardon the small image and if there are any spellings or grammar mistakes. I'm not good with English or drawing manga. I draw this just for fun only. Fanart service~! (I'm a big fan of yuffentine. Shipping them hard for so many years. XD)

It's to me quite a long time to finish this. Wasted time on redrawing the hair glossiness many times, because I forget all the hairs are on the SAME layer! So when one of the hair is mess up, I filled the hair black and at the same time so does the rest of the hair. I didn't realise until later on. (I'm so forgetful.)

It was complete in mid January, but again I put it aside first, because I'm not satisfied with it. Plus I haven't complete Vincent's drawing for this manga strip. End up redrawing most of it, using pose studio as guide references. (it's almost 1 year, when I finally post this..)

Here is the shirtless and clothing on version of Vinny: Here

Hope you all like it.

Yuffie found some interesting thing..

Yuffie Kisaragi and Vincent Valentine belongs to Square Enix. Fanart by: me.

Vincent Valentine

There's actually 2 version. Shirtless and with clothing on. (with 3d reference as guide for drawing and painting.)

This drawing have been put on hold for almost 5-6 months, because of the short manga strip..

This is the shirtless version.

This is what Yuffie saw/picked up.

Here is a how Yuffie react after she saw the image: Here

Vincent with clothing on.

Which one do you like?

Vincent Valentine belongs to Square Enix. Fanart by: me.

christmas 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to minna~! Wishing everyone have a wonderful joyous holiday~!

I have to say, drawing of the image In cintiq 13 screen, looks really colorful and nice but when I look at it on the laptop screen the color is awful... I don't know what to say.. I even try to adjust the colours but it’s nowhere near the original colours.. so dull and flattering.. but I did the best I could.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sketch and draw 8

Ohno Satoshi as Samejima Reiji reference from Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi screenshots and con screenshot.

Kazunari Ninomiya

Reference from tumblr.

Sketch and draw 7

Ohno Satoshi, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari and Matsumoto Jun. References from weibo? tumblr? and con screenshot.

Ishihara Satomi 1

Guess I fail to draw the teeth and the lip..

References from pinterest.

Sketch and draw 6

Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi and Sakurai Sho reference from con screenshots.

Ohno Satoshi

Ohno Satoshi. Leader of Arashi.

Reference image from weibo? or tumblr? Pardon me I forgotten.

Sketch and draw 5

References from pinterest, jp variety show and weibo? .

Ishihara Satomi

Tried to draw her, but failed.. never mind I'll try again next time.

Images reference from pinterest.

Sketch and draw 4

Ohno Satoshi. Leader~! References from con screenshot.

Random male drawing

Reference image from pinterest.

Sketch and draw 3

Reference images mostly from pinterest, tumblr?, weibo? or deviantart.

Random drawing..

Reference images mostly from pinterest.

Sketch and draw 2

Reference images mostly from pinterest or deviantart.

suda masaki

Just trying to draw somethings.. In the end I picked Suda~! Though it didn't turn out well..

Image reference from pinterest.

Sketch and draw 1

Picking some random image to sketch and draw..

Reference images mostly from pinterest or deviantart I think.

gu feng male

Another gu feng male again. Digital sketch..

junk 86

Digital sketch..

junk 85

Random digital sketch.

Another Heshikiri Hasebe sketch

Heshikiri Hasebe belongs to, Nitroplus. Fanart by: me.

Gu Feng male sketch

Random Chinese male sketch..

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Zhan Zheng Xi

Of course other than Jian Yi from 19 days, there's another character I like. Yup it's 展正希 ( Zhan Zheng Xi ).

Pencil sketch. (with references) Have a hard time drawing his hair. (-_-;)

Digital sketch from memory.. ( I know. I fail. )

展正希 belongs to old先. Fanart by me.